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Good | Bad Kids

Creating safe spaces 

As a child, one must fit into the world created by their parent, parents, and immediate family. That world is the child's entire world.

After a lifetime of fitting into everyone else's little boxes as the only means for me to exist in their world, these portraits give me to opportunity to re-write events of trauma from my youth, my son's life, and the moments I've witness when other children I know or have known change from being good kids to bad kids because of a parent's or commanding adult's expectations, judgements, belittling, and dismissiveness.


These kids are always good kids; they have always been, and always will be good kids, despite the times when they cannot fit into the boxes they are told they must exist within to survive emotionally. Oh, these little rebels, and they trouble they get into for trying to be themselves. These spaces are safe for them. I wish they had more space than this to be safe. All children deserve that, and more.


Rule Follower | Rebel

32 inches x 24 inches

Charcoal on Arches Rives BFK 


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