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About Julie

Working as a contemporary realist, Julie creates narrative, large-scale, monochromatic, figurative work in charcoal and pastel. The intent of her work is to revisit her own past experiences as a way to process past events, as well as to challenge viewers’ hidden bias and preconceptions against women, as a way to elevate, and empower the women whom are her subjects. 

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Artist Bio

Julie sees her drawings as a channel for the heroic spirit of her childhood, younger self, and mother self to emerge, while also exploring the duality of spirit, purpose and identity within herself. Julie considers herself to be in service to her drawings as they are her means of processing trauma, and give her a voice she has been previously unable to access. 


The experience of learning create narrative work is a journey, through which Julie believes you can only think you know what path to take, but is something you can really only find along the way. She meticulously plans her pieces, with wardrobe, lighting, and intention, but in the moments of creating finds new means for creating her voice that become part of the work in a way she could never have planned. She has created a number of self portraits because she has an idea of a moment, a feeling, an experience that she wants to visually portray, but doesn’t know how to pull these things out of the world, except through re-enacting it herself, in the way that she saw and felt in the original moments. Her large scale works require the dedication of hundreds of hours in actual execution, by pushing and pulling dry medium into and out of heavy cotton fiber based printmaking paper which Julie sees as, and calls sculpting, even though the pieces are two-dimensional 


Julie has studied drawing with sanded charcoal and pastel for 2 years. Her studio is in Alameda, California, United States, where she lives with her son, dog and two cats. She has worked professionally as a Graphic Designer for almost 20 years, and when her son started elementary school decided to try to learn to draw because she was interested in trying to tell her own stories visually. 

Artist CV


DeYoung Open 2023


  • September 30, 2023—January 7th, 2024

Leigh Wiemers Emerging Artist Grant, 2023 

  • Award Ceremony, October 18th, 2023

Solo Exhibitions

Triton Museum, Santa Clara, Calif.

August 26, 2023–December 30, 2023

Group Exhibitions


Award of Excellence

  • I am milk

Award of Merit

  • Cream

2023 Salon at the Triton | Triton Museum, Santa Clara, Calif.
  • Disarmed

Boynes Emerging Artist, 8th Edition | Boynes Artist Award 

1 of 10 Finalists

  • Disarmed

About Face 2023 | Bedford Gallery, Lesher Arts Center,
Walnut Creek, Calif. April 15–June 25, 2023 


  • Autumn Spoke


16TH INTERNATIONAL ARC SALON, 2022 | Art Renewal center 


  • Nerver Mind

  • Force Fit

2022 Salon at the Triton | Triton Museum, Santa Clara, Calif.

Best of Show

  • Ultraviolence



Award of Merit

  • Nerver Mind

  • The Rule Follower


View of Self | 3rd annual International self-Portrait competition, Portrait Society of America 


  • Force Fit


2022 Spring Online Jurried Show | American Women Artists


  • Force Fit


2022 Stockton Art League 61st Jurried Exhibition
Haggin Museum, Stockton, Calif.

Juror’s Award

  • Force Fit

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